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Tile and Stone 

Good drainage is key for a dry basement. Whether you are in a sandy site or a wet clay site, you need to ensure that the water will drain properly to ensure a dry basement. You want to prevent water from entering through your basement floors or foundation walls, and each job site has specific needs based on soil, grade, and water table. We focus on poured footings, foundation, and retaining walls and have a contractor that we trust implicitly to be in charge of the details of tiling and stone for your job site. We are happy to handle the details of scheduling them for you.    

Tile and Stone services
Poured footings and walls


Poured Footings/ Walls

The foundation of your home or business is what your entire building rests on. Problems can occur if you do not have a strong foundation with the proper footing. Poured foundations are superior to block foundation in regard to strength, mass, waterproofing, and energy savings.

With today's codes, the proper size footing is another key to a quality wall. We will have one of our expert footing crews do your project according to your plan. Our footing crews are timely, quick and accurate. We are acutely aware that the accuracy of our work dictates how well the other trades perform their work and we want your project to have its best possible start. 

Over time, basement cracking or leakage can occur - epoxy injections are easily used to treat poured basements. Block walls, on the other hand, can be very costly to repair - it often involves excavation and tearing up your landscaping.


Concrete Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are designed to control drainage and stop natural erosion while looking great at the same time. You can count on our team at Nobel Foundations, which has years of experience and quality work, to build a retaining wall that will protect your residential or business property.


There are several types of retaining wall options (gravity, piling, anchored, and cantilever) and we will guide you in selecting the right type for your project.  

Concrete retaining walls
Waterproofing concrete



We specialize in pouring footings and walls and know that proper waterproofing is crucial to protect your basement walls. We don’t expect you to contact multiple subs for each portion of your project, so part of our service is to take care of the waterproofing of your newly poured walls.


We can get that done through one of the professional subs that we work with and will include this on our estimates and can get this scheduled for you to make sure that this would be another area where it would be done right.

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